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The Future of Google Search in Australia

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The Future of Google Search in Australia

By now, many people would have heard about Google’s threat to pull their search engine from Australia.

You can read about that here and Google’s Response here.

But in short, Australia’s news networks and media channels wants Google to pay to link to a news site. Yes just to show the link in search.

The question remains as to what will happen and what will Google decide to do?

There are quite a few options available to Google and a few things to consider.

Cons for Google

  1. Pulling out Search also means no Google Ads – so that’s about a $3.4 Billion dollars in spending a year in Australia
  2. Potential impact in neighbouring countries that boycott Google Search, although this is unlikely
  3. Loss of internet market share with Australians having to go to Bing or Ecosia (plant a tree!)

What Google Can do

  1. The biggest thing that comes to mind for us is simply to make page 1 of Google Ads and Maps listings only.
  2. A simpler one would be to relegate any links to News into a News Category that is only accessible there and charge users to access it (and use those funds to pay for the links)
  3. Never show news links. Ever for Australian sites. That is a simple line or two of code to filter them out of the search.
  4. Pulling in Search altogether from Australia – no one really wants that now do we?
  5. Increase the cost of Ads in Australia to offset the cost of links to news sites

What this means for us as small businesses

Ultimately, no matter what Google decides to do here, it is likely we, the small business owners, will suffer in some way.

If Search is removed, we will have to rely on and move to things link Bing and Ecosia or Duck Duck Go or other such sites. The shake up will be enormous, SEO will suffer for a few months, maybe a year or more as no one will know exactly where people are searching.

Increasing visibility and activity on Social Media would be essential to keep a float and looking after your existing customers would be very cost effective.

A potential positive though, despite COVID and all that, is that many people might opt to going in store to find what they want. That could be a win for shopping centres and brick and mortar stores who have not yet or do not have a full digital transformation strategy in place.


We will keep an eye on this as close as possible, but no matter what happens, We will be here to help grow your legacy in the best way possible.

Starting an Online Business

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Tips on Starting an Online Business in Australia

So you have had that niggling idea for a while now, and now thinking maybe I can do this?  Just maybe I can turn this idea into a successful business.

But Where & How do I begin?

The question of where to start really depends on what you are trying to do because, in today’s world, you have to have a website and you need to be online and socially present.

Choosing a website platform

There are dozens of website platforms available and choosing one is really a factor of;

  • Your budget
  • What you are selling

Usually we’d recommend starting with the second point by answering a simple question:

Are you selling a product or a service?

If you are selling or want to sell a service like your skills at landscaping or dog washing for example, then you want a website that focuses on lead generation.

If you selling a product (or lots of products, whether physical or virtual) then you want a website platform that caters to ecommerce.

Our recommendations

  • WordPress for leaf gen or small ecom sites
  • Shopify for ecom sites if you have under 100 products
  • Magento or Bigcommerce if you have over 100 products. In this case you are lilly to need a website developer too.
  • Wixx is easy to setup for small service based lead generation sites too

The above platforms can cost as little as $20 a month to over $10,000 for a Magento development.

That’s where Your Budget comes in.

All up even on cheaper platforms (WordPress is free) you should factor in hosting and design costs as well as development time.

But I already have a website.  What’s next?

Great. You have a site. Let us know what about it and while you do so, let everyone else know too!

Set up Facebook,Twitter and other social media platforms and pages. Engage with your target audience. Identify where they “hangout” and join them there

But the value here is providing… well, value to your audience.


And don’t for forget about SEO.  SEO is still valid and can help your site appear for searches related to your products and services.

Paid Advertising

If you have the budget, paid ads (Google or Social) can help to win some early leads or sales while you working on other, often slower, marketing channels.

Legal Responsibilities

Now, of course, starting a business is not without some legal requirements or responsibilities.

In Australia, for example, you need an Australian Business number or Company Number (ABN or ACN) with their own tax file number or one attached to you. You need this before you can buy an Australian domain.

You may need licensing or insurance too depending on the industry your business fits into.

We recommend talking to an accountant or lawyer about the right way to set up your business legally so that you and your customers are protected.

I’m lost. Help!

We understand. It’s a lot to take in, but don’t worry, we can help you nurture your business… and grow it too.

Contact us by email or subscribe to one of affordable marketing plans today.

How Long Does SEO Take?

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Three things affect how long SEO will take to get results.

Learn how competition, inbound links, and content play a role in this.

One of the most common questions I get as an SEO professional is, “How long does SEO take?”

Featured Image Credit: Paulo Bobita

Source: How Long Does SEO Take? on Search Engine Journal

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